A3M Content:

L.E.O. Mod

Planned Assets:

Here is just a small taste of the things we have planned to be released in L.E.O. mod, currently WIP!

I. Character Models

     1) Police
     2) Sheriff
     3) Special Char (S.W.A.T., Drug Interdiction, Etc)

II. Weaponry

     1) Taser
     2) Nightstick (PR-24, Extendo)

III. Vehicles

     1) CVPI
     2) Modern Police Interceptor (Ford)
     3) Police SUV (Tahoe or similar)

IV. Map Assets
     1) Police Station w/ Holding Cells
     2) Indoor Firing Range

V. Playable Content

1) Map:
For now, Altis. May change in the future.

2) Department Mode:

Allows the clan leader (Department Chief) to have a department budget, buy cruisers and equipment for department, outfit officers with new weapons, buy upgrades for the police stations, etc.

3) Mission Content:

a) Dispatch: Random events that will play to the player(s) over the “radio”.

b) Warrants: Like raid missions in PMC Simulator, can be accepted via a departmental email system (Like in PMC Simulator) - High action, shoot em' up swat type missions, drug raids, stings, etc.

c) Cases: Also accepted via email, but more like special events or investigations, whodunits, etc. - good for puzzle missions and clue hunts, event security, stuff like that.

d) Traffic & Random Street Crime:
Randomized incidents that happen on the street, speeding, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Etc. - I already have a pretty nice checkpoint mission in PMC Simulator, could be adapted many times over for sobriety / drug enforcement checkpoints, etc.

e) Bad/Good Parts of Town: Specific areas are more afflicted with or are more likely to be affected by crime.

f) ALiVE Asymmetric Esque Criminal Movement:
Criminals can set up safe houses, weapon depots, drug facilities. Criminals may choose to move drugs/weapons secretly (blending in) using vehicles. (Can coordinate with organized tasks - warrants etc.)

g) Gang System:  Criminals recruit more criminals over time, can be lessened/removed by heavily patrolling gang-areas and raiding their hideouts. (Fits with F)

h) Suicides:
Rare cases where officers are called to a scene to prevent a possible suicide via force or communication. Required Assets - Taser, Civilian Interaction dialog

i) Civilian Interaction - Officers can interrogate civilians. Community informants may consistently feed the department with information.

j) Police Database - Access information on suspects/stopped civilians (background checks), positions of recent crimes, dangerous areas, recent events about what other officers are doing (events)


Change Log - 0.0.1 Pre-Alpha Download LEO Mod 0.0.1 Pre-Alpha

6 Uniforms (2 agencies, 2 PD variations, 4 Sheriff variations)

4 Duty Belts (1 belt, 4 variations)

1 hat (Sheriff's Cowboy Hat)

2 Blufor Factions

Police Department

Patrol Officer I

Patrol Officer II

High Risk Response Unit

Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff (Patrol I)

Deputy Sheriff (Patrol II)

Deputy Sheriff (Posse I)

Deputy Sheriff (Posse II)

Drug Interdiction Deputy Sheriff I

Drug Interdiction Deputy Sheriff II