A3M PMC Simulator is a multiplayer mode designed to simulate working as a Private Military Contractor in a conflict zone. You take the role of an Independent Contract Operator brokered by Orion Private Security Group. With a meager starting balance in your bank account and standard-issue sidearm from OPSG, you deploy upon your contractual duties in Altis at the C-12 North compound, an Astral Corporation Research, Development and Communications compound in the NE region of Altis. You will be required to carry out security and paramilitary operations pursuant to your contracts with OPSG, and you will be paid based on performance per operation.

As of Update 1.3.0:

Update: Feb 19 @ 11:27am


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About A3M PMC Simulator:

The A3M PMC Simulator is designed to be played by clans or groups of friends who play together, and have a defined leader. It is NOT designed for “public” type deployments, and is very susceptible to both hacking and trolling. The Team Coordinator (Clan Leader) has control of a majority of things in this mission, including the operational budget and the purchase of vehicles and aircraft. There are a variety of instances where the honor system is employed…For example, the mailbox: anyone can access it, and for a time your purchase is available for “stealing”. Such features reinforce the need to play this mode with people you know to get the best benefit.

The total modification version of the A3M PMC Simulator is the most recent evolution of the A3M PMC Mode that was once contained in a single mission PBO. The total modification brings new characters, 3 new factions, 2 new weapons, countless new objects, new sounds and more!

This total modification is, at it's core, a business simulator designed for clans that play as a PMC theme, or groups of friends who wish to embark on an adventure of commercialized warfare. Take control of a Private Military Corporation (PMC) in Altis at a time when instability and hostility ravage the country. Utilizing ALiVE Asymmetric Warfare and a completely custom faction, the opposing force, known as the APFC (Altis People Freedom Corps) wage warfare against the AAF, creating a hostile environment where relationships with the friendly force could mean the difference of life and death. Avoid killing AAF Forces to keep them on your side!

You begin your adventure with a company budget and a meager balance of RP, which you cash in for your personal paycheck after every operation. Company pay and personal pay are separate, and it's at the company owner's discretion what he requires his employees to purchase vs. what he is able to spring for in bulk on behalf of the company. The company owner has the power to appoint "officers" of the company, who are able to execute the same management level controls as the leader. Together, you will exercise sound business judgement to procure the equipment most useful to your company, and build a fleet. Every loss stings, and every bullet fired costs somebody something.

The mode offers 10 highly randomized and automatically scaling missions (More in future versions) including VIP escort, hostage rescue, checkpoint duty, raids, event security and more! Almost every mission has conditions that reward bonus RP based on behavior, so players get rewarded for doing jobs well! The company owners should select contracts based on their best judgement of the job vs. equipment on hand / staff etc...so a lot of thought and planning has to go into missions if you want to execute them with good business sense! Missions are designed to create scenarios where recon and proper planning make all the difference! The addition of a fully realized autonomy / robotics category allows you to utilize technology to your highest advantage, saving money, and lives!

Also included in this mode is one of the most comprehensive pneumatic firing ranges known to arma, including individual lane control, individual score tracking / control, accurately ranged targets (designed by a U.S. Army Sgt. for accuracy - Credit: Sgt. J. Lucht, U.S. Army) automated qualification programs and individual target pop control per lane.

Still not enough? How about the repair / rearm system, which accounts for labor, amount of damage to the vehicle, amount of ammo used, and amount of fuel used, and calculates the amount to be charged to the company based on all that information? The same goes with the aircraft repair / rearm / refuel bay.

Best of all, this mission is PERSISTENT. Your personal bank account? Automatically persisted. Personal Stash? Make sure you put your stuff in it before leaving! It will be automatically persisted. Everything else? IF you have an Alive War Room Account, and you set up the server to use the Alive War Room, even the company budget, vehicles you buy, content of boxes etc. will be saved, so you can continue your PMC Adventure for as long as you like!

This mode uses Ace 3. I mean REALLY uses it. Ace 3 advanced medical with custom hospital beds you can put a patient in to do surgery on kind of using it. Ace 3 is REQUIRED, like ALiVE, to run this mission, and boy, when you play, you'll see why!! If you, like me, love the hardcore ALiVE / ACE 3 experience, you're gonna LOVE this mod!

I've gone way longer than I intended when I started this article, but that's how excited I am to bring you all this content! This is the product of over a year of work, it started as a stupid mission with my old unit, progressed to a MANW entry as a multiplayer mission, and now, here it is, a total modification in it's own right. With literally thousands of hours invested, this mission is truly a labor of love on my part, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the depth and level of detail I've worked to provide you. You'll find all sorts of stuff in the world that isn't documented or easy to find, so hunt around! Enjoy the PMC life! Who will YOU kill for a paycheck?

The Following Mods are required:


CUP Terains (Takistan Edition) [May work with other map packs, untested]

The Following Mods are supported:

Task Force Arrowhead Radio

RHS: Escalation

Specialist Military Arms

HLC (Toadie2k) MP5 Pack

Apex Drakon

USS Iowa

Scripts & Modules:

A3M JIP Script – Handles JIP tasking

A3M Economy Script (unreleased version, pending)

A3M Bank Account Script (standalone unreleased, pending)

A3M Sitting Script (Seats your ass in a chair, MP Compatible) (Standalone unreleased, pending)

A3M Missions by Email Script (Email Interface to start missions) (Standalone unreleased, pending)

A3M Detailed Animations – cinematic

3D Assets


Protected Asset Management (PAM)

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A3M PMC Simulator
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