WIPS is the ultimate in realistic garrison Base Role Playing and Virtual Training Facilities. Boasting a fully furnished division HQ, "Glass House" indoor tactical shoot shouse, Military Police quarters with functioning cells, 2 long range scored outdoor ranges, 5 CQB areas, grenade, Rocket, buddy training and armored vehicle training, MOUT, plus a full length runway on the beautiful Wake Island map make for a feature packed, serious training and base RP environment!

Wake Island Pacific Station (WIPS)

Wake Island Pacific Station is a fully loaded training map that includes an accurate representation of the U.S. Army M4 range, a M240 range, (Both pneumatic and player controlled), a High Tech shoot house, grenade and rocket ranges, CQB and small arms ranges, a full size runway and bay for air and sea training, fully functional HQ for role play, and a Bradley / Tank range! Tons of time and programming went into this training mode! Made for MilSim units that take role play, training and skill seriously.

WIPS Requires:
Ace 3
Map: Wake Island